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The common practice of cultivating rice in the rice-wheat system of India is manual transplanting of seedlings in the puddled soil. Besides being costly, cumbersome, and time consuming, puddling results in degradation of soil, which impedes root growth of subsequent upland crops. In addition, decreased availability and increasing cost of labor have increased the cost of rice cultivation through conventional methods. Because of these concerns, there is a need for mechanized transplanting of rice which is less labor-intensive and can ensure optimum plant population under non-puddled and/or no-till conditions.

As an innovator in the field of food production we use smart technologies for the betterment and upliftment of farmer’s life. We provide advanced spraying mechanism that will cover wide area in less time requiring less labour. Our sprayers are also suited to spray on high trees like mango.The agronomic services we provide covers all stages of the crop. Our agronomical services include special nursery bed preparation, providing smart sprinklers and smart water irrigation technologies like drip irrigation etc. Our technologies come at a reasonable price and there is no need to have concerns over the initial monetary investment as our technology is affordable and considering the future return you will gain from the yield, we say you are making the right choice.


Mechanical Transplanting
Improved Spraying techniques

The conventional methods used for spraying of fertilizers is not suited for all crops. Our improvised Spraying mechanism which we call as the “Archer Spraying Machine” is highly efficient in carrying out this task. This spraying mechanism is less difficult to use and covers a wide range of area in less time. Trees also require fertilizers and pesticides but it becomes difficult to cover the whole tree due to height. Using our Spraying machines we can also spray trees and ensure better coverage.

Agronomical & Crop Care Services

We provide Agronomical Services and Crop Care Services from seedling till harvest. We have products and technologies that supports a grower for all stages of crop development. We have specialised nursery beds to help seeds nurture well at an early age. We also provide growth supporting technologies like smart sprinklers, drip irrigators etc. We provide organic based, environment friendly crop care products. All of our Agronomical services adapt technologies to improve the needs of a farmer without wasting other resources and improving productivity thereby improving the farmer’s life.

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