The economic contribution of Indian agriculture is steadily declining with the country's broad-based economic growth in other sectors. Due to this the number people practising farming is also declining resulting in less labour. Farming in general requires a lot of manual labour and also the cost of organic products is high, so to overcome this issue mankind has turned towards technology for innovative solutions. But farmers are yet to know about the existence of these technologies. Apart from having less work force the conventional agricultural practices have less precision and there is lot of waste of resources due to these practices.

Urvaara Crop Services provides innovative advanced technologies to help farming and disregard the shortcoming of not having enough manual labour. We also provide mechanised farming equipments and methods to give more yield. Also we provide other agronomical services in taking care of the crops from nursery till the harvesting stage.

As an innovator in the field of food production we use smart technologies for the betterment and upliftment of farmer’s life. The agronomic services we provide covers all stages of the crop. Our technology and services covers all stages of crop growth.


  • “ I have never received such a yield in my life...thank you Urvaara”.
    -Kannan -
  • “ Science never ceases to amaze me...i didn’t believe that it can also help farming until i meet Urvaara”
    -Ravi -
  • “ The output was greater than I expected..and the fact it doesn’t affect nature is unbelievable”
    - Chellapa-