Urvaara Crop Care (UCC) is a professionally managed company that offer Indian farmers a wide range of agri-inputs that support “Sustainable Agriculture” practices.

Indian agriculture is now at cross roads. With growing population, it is imperative to address the needs of growers for improving their productivity in a sustainable way. This requires tailoring offers to growers to solve their problems in terms of soil fertility, nutrient management and pest & disease control.

In order to achieve the tailor made product portfolio, UCC has started focusing on Research & Technology through a well- established R & D center which has modern and state of art facility. This R & D Center has a scientific advisory board with well experienced scientists in Entomology, Microbiology, Plant pathology, Agronomy etc. for technology development.,Our facility is made and engineered as per the needs of the scientist to facilitate growth.The activities of R & D center include process improvements, new product development, bioassay and field evaluation of final products. UCC possesses a great deal of specialized knowledge and offers a wide range of products that provides a natural means of improving the health, resistance and productivity of numerous crops.

UCC’s research starts with the vision of transforming and enhancing quality productivity in agriculture through safer, greener alternatives to chemicals. Much of UCC’s cutting edge research is focused on continuous innovation, which result in developing high quality products from herbal extracts (Botanicals), microbial extracts, isolating virulent and potent strains from soil, insects, compost etc.,

UCC has a stronger and broader portfolio of products for pest and disease management, nutrient management for healthy plants, which provides more productive plants and thus enhancing the crop productivity.

UCC’s R & D efforts, directed towards developing alternative eco-sustainable solutions for the plant nutrition and protection against insect pests and disease infestation on crops.


Urvaara Crop Care

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